English Grammar Committed Suicide After Witnessing These 10 Hilarious Instances


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They say grammar is very important. As for instance, commas save the life: Let’s eat grandpa/ Lets eat, grandpa. The two have changed the whole sense. A Grammar Nazi once said that “I don’t judge people on cast, color, creed or gender. I judge people based on spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.” But, Indians don’t follow any rule! proving this true checkout these hilarious instances which turn out to blunder.

1) The juice via food pipe will visit your stomach

2) Surely, after this function! #WinkWink

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3) You must visit this Sailoon as it has the best Ret list to stumble upon!

4) Illegal Business

5) Brides and bitches

6) Feel at home

7) This one is hilarious!

8) The social service

9) You will get terraces plus a family…oh yeah!

10) Bardasht nahi kar sakta!

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