Kangna Returns To Himachal From Mumbai After 5 Days, Said This!

Kangana Ranaut left for Manali with sister Rangoli on Monday after spending 5 days in Mumbai. She reached Mumbai on 9 September....
News Granddaughter of a Millionaire Begging and Selling Pan Masala

Granddaughter of a Millionaire Begging and Selling Pan Masala

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In Kanpur, a girl wearing jeans and top spotted begging outside a temple. She had a vessel to collect money given by the people in one hand and a number of pouches of Pan Masala in the other. A poster was also their fixed on her that reads: “The granddaughter of Dilbag Pan Masala is begging.”

The name of this girl is Kajal Arora. She is the granddaughter of famous mouth freshener brand Dilbag Pan Masala’s owner Arun Arora. On asking why is she doing so? She replied “I’m a legal daughter of Dilbag Arora’s son Arun Arora. He married my mother but divorced just after 3 years of marriage. My mother is innocent. She never asked for her right but I want everything from my father. I’m the only heir of my clan.”

Kajal is BSc second year student. She lives in Saket Nagar with her mother Ritu Arora. Her mother also spotted with Kajal when she was protesting outside a temple. Kajal’s mother Ritu told media that “She married Arun Arora in 1993. Then Arun was a divorcee already. He married me to have a child as the family wanted a successor to hold business in future. In 1996 Arun divorced Ritu by saying he wants to follow the route of spirituality. I became a mother of a daughter that time. But after divorcing me he married twice but neither his wives stayed with him nor he got a son.”

Kajal said he recently met her father. He is all set to marry for the 5th time. This made her angry. When she asked for her legal right in property his father refused to give her that. That’s why she is begging at every place that comes under her paternal property. This temple is also one of them. That’s why she was begging there!

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