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High Life Grandson of Late Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali is Too Hot to Handle!

Grandson of Late Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali is Too Hot to Handle!

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19 years old Biaggio Ali Walsh is the hot gossip in the University of California, Berkeley. He is the grandson of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali. He is 5’10” and stands a bit shorter than his heavyweight grandfather, but he’s a champion nonetheless. Having butterfly emoji in his Instagram bio, a butterfly tattoo inked on his left arm and bee on his right and handsome looks he is the talk of the town.

Biaggio has an elder brother who is a boxer named Nico. They called their grandfather as Poppy. Walsh says,

“Every Thanksgiving and every time we got the chance, we’d drive out to Arizona or fly to Michigan and spend time with him. He loved magic tricks, so Nico would bring his magic kit, and we would show him cool tricks.”

Biaggio is named after both grandfathers (Biaggio comes from his father’s side, and Ali, his middle name, comes from his maternal grandfather). talking about his grandfather he says,

“He’s not a boxer, he just plays one for the camera. Son of Bob Walsh and Rasheda Ali-Walsh, Biaggio once attempted to follow his grandfather’s footsteps in the ring but took to a different sport. Me and my brother would train in boxing when we were really young with our uncle, and Nico found a passion for it. But I didn’t feel what he felt.” 

However, Biaggio chose football over boxing as per his interests. He started his football career in high school. He is famous on the social media. He is smart, his chiseled jawline and handsome smolder were prominently displayed in photo shoots. Check out some of his photos below:

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