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Great Careers Can Nowadays Be Made From Cool Hobbies!

Dreaming of a job that you would love to be at everyday? Why not earn from your very own hobby? Sounds ridiculous? Well, Its absolutely not. These days you can actually pursue a great career thats totally fun. No Kidding! You don’t necessarily have to get a blue collar job just because the whole world is running after them.

We took the liberty to pick some really cool jobs that are no less fun than your hobby. check it out!

1. Personal Shopper: The world today is full of workaholic people who practically have no time to buy new shoes or clothes. Well, You can come to their rescue by becoming their personal shopper. All you need to have is a taste for stylish or classy things. And you possibly can’t hate shopping especially if you are a girl!


2. Chocolate or Candy Tester: Yes! Its possible! We all Love candy and now you can eat all you want, candies from different lands and origins. Just keep make sure you workout too from time to time!


3. Gaming Console Tester: This is specifically for all the guys in the world who love gaming. All you need to be is a pro in gaming and you can play all you want plus you get paid to do that..Sounds like heaven! Does it not?

Friends in competition playing games console.

4. Amusement Park Reviewer: Well! this could be a little tricky because you need a lion heart for this job. You will just need to get on all the rides in the park and review them for safety.

February 16, 2006 - Incredible Hulk Coaster - Advertising shoot Two Family's - one caucasian - one african american - riding (mom, dad, brother and sister) Also riding sometimes was Spiderman and Captain America Islands of Adventure IOA Branding MSHI

5. Food Or Movie Critic: If you are a foodie and you love to eat all kinds of food then you can definitely get the job of a food critic who reviews food and services of eateries around the world. You can also be a movie critic if you have a heart and soul for movies and art.


So, here were some amazing career options that stand you out of the crowd and can even make you insanely rich because believe it or not, people around the world with these jobs are richer than we can imagine.