The rainy season is always welcomed with a big heart because it brings a great change in this hot and annoying season of summers. Breaking the sweat of the day with the cool breeze is always fun but the dust which flows with the gusty winds is also hated by us all. Just like summers and winters, monsoons also have a different fashion sense and that monsoon sense always keeps you updated with style.

Some Of The Great Monsoon Fashion Tips Which You Should Definitely Follow Are:

1. Say No To Denims And Knitwear

Monsoon fashion tips - say no to jeans

Wearing dashing jeans and comfortable cardigan is surely the best fashion which a guy or girl can easily adopt. The problem only comes when they get wet:

  • They can hold water for longer periods of time.
  • Don’t get dry easily.

Therefore, heavy denims and knitwear should always be avoided in monsoons and light weight jeans and viscose blend clothes are their best alternatives.

2. Go For The Brighter Clothes

Monsoon fashion tips - Go for the brighter clothes
Source: twimg

The gloomy sky which comes with a rain surely reminds us of our old black and white days but also takes away the joy of wearing dark colours. Light colours like fuchsia, peach, cherry and mango are surely one of the best monsoon fashion colours as they retain the lives of our clothes in those dark and dusky clouds.

3. Wear short lengthed t-shirts and clothes

Monsoon fashion tips - wear short clothes
Source: Propercloth

Due to the formalness of the shirts, they are always a big no to wear in monsoons but there are some restrictions to the t-shirts too. During rains, no one would really like to deal with super sticky long wet clothes which reach your thighs and cause trouble in walking or running. Therefore, the use of short lengthed t-shirts is always suggested.

4. Office Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon fashion - Office monsoon tips
Source: Thebestfashionblog

We discussed the casuals but now here’s the time to get some formal too. As we can’t quit our formalness in our office, use of pastel shaded shirts is more suggested which stands on the line between dark and bright colours, giving you the cool sense of fashion and the formalness for the office too.

With these above-mentioned monsoon fashion tips, we hope that monsoon will no longer be a trouble for you.

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