News Groom Refused to Marry Just Before 1 Hour of Nikaah Only Because...

Groom Refused to Marry Just Before 1 Hour of Nikaah Only Because His Bride Uses WhatsApp

In Shah Fareed, Nogawan, Amroha (UP) a girl suffered a refusal of marriage on the spot. The reason was WhatsApp. Yes, the use of WhatsApp led to the cancellation of her marriage. This is all true! Surprisingly, just 1 hour before the Nikaah, the groom refused to marry the girl. He and his family didn’t like the way their soon to be daughter-in-law was using WhatsApp.

Actually, a marriage of bride Tuba with groom Shane Alam was scheduled. People were waiting for the Baarat. Amidst of that, a news came that Shane Alam had refused to marry. Tuba’s father Uroj Mehendi immediately went to Shane Alam’s place to know the reason. And the reason Shane Alam and his father Qamar Haider gave, totally suprised Uroj. They said his daughter uses WhatsApp, she chats with boys. This is why his son can’t marry her.

Uroj says when he urged them not to refuse to marry his daughter, groom’s family demanded dowry of Rs 65 lakhs. As the groom wants to go to America. But Uroj went to police station and complaint against them. The case is now registered by the police.

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