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Infotainment Super Fast or Super Late? Gruesome Conditions of Indian Railways

Super Fast or Super Late? Gruesome Conditions of Indian Railways

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We are living in a country where approximately 3 crore people used to travel by train daily and this is 2.5 % of our total population. But the condition of our trains is still not satisfactory for masses. Passengers face many problems regarding this such as late arrivals, unsanitary conditions of trains and so on.

There are some trains in our country which are making records in getting late. One of these trains is Simanchal Express, this train was 323 days late and cancelled 41 days in 365 days. The average time of getting late of this train is 10-36 hours. Further, the Patna Kota Express is arriving approximately 16-21 hours from last one week. According to etrain.info, the average time of late arrival of Kota Express is 14 hours. There is another train named Champaran Humsafar Express which was launched one month ago on the celebration of 100 years of Champaran Satyagraha. But it is also getting late on average of 10-11 hours.

The number of late trains is still not ended, Gorakhpur Dehradoon Express, New Delhi Jalpaiguri express both are also arriving late. If the conditions will remain same the time of common people will continue to be spoiled just because of the trains. Passengers are facing the plethora of difficulties in travelling by train. They are not able to reach on time to their destinations: some of them are students also. They have to wait for a long time. This is the matter of concern because the time of common people is as important as prominent ones. Respected railway minister Piyush Goyal should pay attention towards this problem of our country.


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