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Infotainment Gujrat Student Checked His Own Economics Board Paper And Gave Himself A...

Gujrat Student Checked His Own Economics Board Paper And Gave Himself A 100

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The Gujrat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) recently realized their huge mistake. A Gujrat student checked his own geography and economics paper and gave himself 100/100 but the economics teacher of the department was unable to find his this crime and approved the answer sheet.

Gujrat student give himself 100 marks

This news is getting the headlines because the geography teacher of the department noticed the economic teacher’s this mistake and immediately informed the authorities.

But How Did This Happen?

Harshad Sarvaiya is the name of this boy who these harsh unfair means. The GSHSEB is neither a corrupted institution nor allowed the boy to enter the the building to check his papers. Hhe examined his own paper with red ink in the examination room itself before submitting it to the supervisor.

This Gujrat student used this unfair trick to cheat only in Economics and Geography exam and fortunately, did his other exams fairly.

Gujrat student's answer sheet

“To avoid suspicion, the boy had not marked the total on the main page. But the group of seven teachers that was supposed to assess each question and put their signature should have spotted the anomaly. The teachers just did the total and endorsed the boy’s paper assessment by putting 100/100 as final total,”said GSHSEB secretary G. D. Patel.

The board has also reported that this is the first time such an incident has occurred in the country. A case will by strictly filed against the Gujrat student. He could also be suspended from appearing in the remaining exams if found guilty.

Do We People Really Think Why A Child Cheats In Exams? Is It Stress, Depression, Force. Fear Or Really Something Else?

Gujrat Student

If a student cheats in exams then his environment, parents, friends and teachers are also at fault who were unable to understand his needs at time and could have stopped him from committing this crime. Same is the case for this Gujrat student.

Parents should support their children in times of need and he should be not at all forced to attain good marks.

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