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High Life Gurgaon-based Startup Introduces A Mind Blowing Idea To De-stress You By Sending...

Gurgaon-based Startup Introduces A Mind Blowing Idea To De-stress You By Sending Dogs To Your Doors

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In today’s fast moving world everyone is busy to go ahead of each other. The competition is very tough and the life is very stressful. However, there are somethings that provide inner-peace to our minds. One of these relaxing things is the feeling of being surrounded by the cutest puppies or dogs. These little cute creatures are the best thing on Earth to cheer up your stressing mood.

Taking this in mind, a Gurgaon-based startup has introduced a mind-blowing idea to bring dogs at your doorsteps to help you de-stress. The name of this startup is Fur Ball Story. They indeed presented an innovative idea to help you eradicate your daily life tensions.

The idea is mastered through a very interesting observation by a law student named Srishti Sharma in 2016. She is also the co-founder of the Fur Ball Story. According to her, the college authorities then, decided to implement a plan of bringing two dogs on the campus in order to make students come and attend the lectures. Now, who won’t get attracted by the furry and beautiful doggies? And the plan hit the bulls-eye! It successfully worked!

Srishti totally got inspired by the idea and decided to transform it into a business model. She holds up the idea with a positive spirit and discussed it with three of her friends who hails from different professions – Animesh Katiyar (Lawyer), Arushi Dixit (Designer) and Kunal Daral (IT professional). After that two more members got associated with team namely Anurag Singh and Prabhav Paul Prashar.

They took this idea with a great zeal and the team of four turned into a startup in December 2016 at Gurgaon. Now, Fur Ball Story has an army of cute dogs proficient in relieving stress. They are very cute that anyone can go gaga over them! 

Muffin, Cocoa and Angel are well-trained as therapy dogs and they deal near about 40-50 people on a daily basis. They never use to bark or snap on people. Not only this, they do their pet therapy sessions at various places including universities, hospitals, corporate offices, homes and they hold sessions for advertisements too. Isn’t it a good idea? Indeed! It really feels great when these cute dogs say “Count on us!”

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