Gurgaon Has Its First Car-Free Day And This What It Looks Like

Gurgaon has decided that the city will go Car-free on Tuesdays and had its first Car-Free Day today i.e. on 22nd September, 2015. This is an initiative to reduce traffic jams as well as pollution and to encourage the use of Public transport.

Where some citizens are welcoming this initiative with an open mind others may not be receiving the idea so well. What better way to find out who stands for what than our very own polling medium Twitterati..

This initiative has been started to join many big cities in this trend such as Beijing, Paris and Washington DC etc. Many people also cam in full support of the Car-Free Day including our Bollywood Celebs..

Here’s more about the Car-Free Day.. Check out video!

Though the initiative is in all sense an effort to conserve environment and free the city of crawling cars all over and sticky traffic jams, yet the response to the First Car-Free Day could have been more glorious! Hoping better for the next time!

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