On 12th April 2016, Gurgaon was “Sanskritised and Indianised” as Gurugram by the Haryana government.The decision was announced by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, along with that of Mewat, which will now be called Nuh.


The sudden change of name has become the most frivolous talk over the web and people actually can’t stop lashing out on this change. Many took to social media to vent and share their ‘opinion’ on the issue.The renaming has led the Twitterati sarcastically shocked! Here’s an insight to what the Twitterati had to say:
  • ‘Gurugram — Where Babaji’s can upload selfies’: –Indian express
  • Gurgaon is now Gurugram.
    The city is now confident of winning next year’s Graami awards.
  • Girls are now no longer unsafe in Gurgaon! Wonder why? Because it does not exist anymore.
  • After milligram kilogram it’s Gurugram.


  • Considering the number of cows roaming around in the streets I am surprised they did not name it goru-gram!
  • After milligram kilogram it’s Gurugram!!
  • That Awkward Moment When You Wake Up In Gurgaon & Going To Sleep In Gurugram!



Well, this is not the first time the government renamed a city. But let’s hope this renaming does not force people to move out to a city with a better name!

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