Salman Khan Already Shot The Grand Premiere Of Big Boss-14

Salman Khan, the host of the show has shot the grand premiere. This time the contestants will enter directly.
Trending Ram Rahim Married Honeypreet Secretly, They Went For Honeymoon to This Place

Ram Rahim Married Honeypreet Secretly, They Went For Honeymoon to This Place

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In the Sadhvi sexual assault case, Ram Rahim is serving 20 years of imprisonment in Rohtak jail currently. But new and revealing disclosures of him and Honeypreet are taking place every day. There are many types of news coming constantly on social media about Baba that are going viral. The social media is claiming that Ram Rahim has secretly married his adopted daughter Honeypreet and no one knows about it.

  • The viral report on social media is claiming that Ram Rahim and Honeypreet are secretly married and went for their honeymoon to Bangkok, Thailand.
  • This revelation is made by Baba’s former Dera Premi or disciple Bhupinder Singh. While talking in an interview to a TV channel he said that Honeypreet was not his daughter, he was Baba’s wife.
  • Bhupinder Singh said that Baba and Honeypreet have been married. When and where? Only Honeypreet can reveal that the day when she will be arrested by the police.
  • The former Dera Premi also told that both of them used to live like a pair of a loving couple. Also, Honeypreet kept a fast of Karavachoth for Baba.
  • Viral news also claimed that Honeypreet and Ram Rahim have many joint accounts and properties abroad.
  • Honeypreet’s ex-husband, Vishwas Gupta, had also alleged that there was a sexual relationship between Ram Rahim and Honeypreet.
  • Pagalparrot does not confirm whether Baba is married Honeypreet or not, this news is getting viral on social media.

Here are the comments by social media users for Bab

On a social media, users have written that,

  • Baba has crossed all the limits of the father. Even a sinner also doesn’t do this with his daughter.
  • Baba broke Honeypreet’s marriage with Vishwas Gupta so that he could marry her. Baba loved him already.
  • This Baba shamed the relationship of a father-daughter. A father does a Kanyadaan at her daughter’s marriage but he himself married her daughter. Shameful!
  • Baba has done such an evil thing, he will not even get a place in hell.
  • Baba you have crossed every limit that’s why you are behind the bars now. He should now spend rest of his life in the jail.
  • Baba are you out of your mind. In order to fulfil your sexual desires, you have crossed the limits and forget what’s wrong or right.

Honeypreet is accused of involving equally in the crimes committed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim. His crimes include murders, rapes and making 400 men impotent.

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