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High Life

Guys Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Thing Women Do In Bed & It’s Hilarious!




Let’s be honest, sex isn’t generally awesome. We’ve all had our offer of humiliating stories. Be that as it may, hey, shouldn’t something be said about every one of the ladies out there? This may blast many air pockets, however, a lot of ladies out there simply (DON’T), suck in overnight boardinghouse was high time these abandoned sweethearts talked their heart out. Here we are up with some of the confessions that will surely raise eyebrows for at least once.

I had a sweetheart that got off on spreading the gap on top of my penis open and flicking the opening with her tongue like she was eating an extremely little vagina. It was arbitrary as damnation and it truly didn’t feel all that awesome. She was ravishing, however, so I endure that crap for a little while. Much obliged for giving me a chance to share.

Getting too cursed harsh with the balls. Those things are touchy women and are effectively stung. My fiancee and I have been as one for a long time, despite everything I need to remind her about it. You need to treat them like eggs, not tennis balls.

When they attempt to bump as your bumping and everything tumbles unique, then you gotta restart your force.

Young ladies that can’t keep musicality are fucking damn. I recall that i needed to fuck this young lady for a long time and she got on top and it resembled i was getting fucked by an impeded jackhammer.

Utilizing your teeth while you give a penis massage. God damn regardless I can’t overlook this one chick giving truly most agonizing most painful sensual pleasure I ever had.

One time after I completed on my stomach (young lady was on top) she plunged her thumb in my jizz and spread it on my brow like Simba in the Lion King… She was never welcomed back!

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