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High Life Thinking Of Moving In Together ? Here's What You Need To Read...

Thinking Of Moving In Together ? Here’s What You Need To Read About Live-in Relationships

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Our urban and modern society is now adapting to such practices which were previously titled as ‘taboo’. However, there is still a huge dilemma and debate that arises in everyone’s mind when you hear the words- ‘live-in’. Whether it is simply the matter of splitting the finances, variant sexual orientations or lack of faith in the institution of marriage: live-in relationships seem to be a solution for many such thoughts that arise in the minds of the modern day couples. But, whether it is truly a solution or a problem disguised as one remains the real question? Well, we leave the verdict on you as we put forth some of the most visible advantages or disadvantages of a live in relationship.


Lesser responsibilities

Being in a live-in relationship you don’t need to make those necessary compromises, which are often important in a marriage. You can share and divide your expenses, there lies no pressure of pleasing relatives and parents, and can enjoy your personal space. Since you are already breaking society norms, then social “Dikkats” and pressure do not apply to you and your relationship. Hence saving you from some of the headaches you get while being in a relationship.

 (but) Societal censure

Though live-in relationships are a rising trend in urban India, our society is yet to accept it open-heartedly.Though couples don’t make bombs together or plan some mass shooting, it is still seen as ‘taboo’, especially by the elderly people. Often such couples are seen as social deviants, which mean that they are berated, criticised and often harassed for their individual choice. A society that divides couples in the name of caste, class and religion, cannot expect couples being in live-in relationship. That’s a serious no no in the eyes of your “pados wali aunties”


 Low legal hassles

Not being a legal couple automatically implies a relationship free from legal obligations. Divorce is an ugly possibility of marital ending, which can be a bitter and traumatic experience. A live-in relationship completely eliminates the scope of all legal hassles related to ending an unsatisfying and suffocating marriage.

 (but) Easy way out

The very advantage of being in a live-in relationship, is its biggest disadvantage as well, which is lack of commitment. Anything from a small fight, disagreement, or a misplaced question can see either of the partners walking out of the relationship. There is always a factor of uncertainity. When a couple is married they will make every possible effort to save their relationship and seek solutions to problems and misunderstanding before choosing to split up. It is true that in a live-in relationship where there is no financial, social and legal binding, so the door out is always open for the couples.


Mutual respect

In a live-in relationship both partners are truly equal, whether it is in their freedom or in their insecurities. Since neither of the partners are dependent on each other financially, socially or legally they enjoy equal space and respect in their relationship. This would also show you how loyal, compatible and trustworthy your partner is. There is no point of fakeness. The thing they do is just for the sake of love and compassion for their partners.

The most important fact is that in a live-in relationship two people decide to share their lives. And if such a relationship comes to an end it takes a toll on the mental health of people. Before you jump to any conclusions you should take some time and think.


Here are some fun things you need to read which guys in live-in relationship has to say about moving in together:

Laughing guy closeup


  • I was honestly surprised at how easy it was. I know it’s supposed to be all ‘guys and girls are different blah blah blah’ but we’re both really laid-back and low maintenance. We haven’t had any problems or stereotypical ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ moments.” — Says Abhishek 26.
  • My girlfriend cried once because I didn’t think I should have to make the bed every day. I had never made my bed before.I didn’t even know people did that in real life.” — says Alex,  


  • I’m really confused by the amount of products women buy for the shower that all essentially do the same thing. I have soap and shampoo. Two bottles.”  Siddhartha, 29
  • “After moving in together i got to know about two further enhanced categories of Clean which is Super Clean & Super Duper Clean.”


  • “You’re used to them just showing up all ready and now you see the elaborate hours long behind the scenes process. You get to peek behind that curtain. They’re still late for everything, but at least now you know specifically why.” — says Gaurav, 31





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