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Application For H-1B Visa For 2018 To Be Accepted From April 3

Application For H-1B Visa For 2018 To Be Accepted From April 3


According to the Washington, Application for H-1B work visas for the year 2018 can be filed from April 3. It is highly popular among Indian IT companies and professionals. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said: “Congress set a cap of 65,000 H-1B visas per fiscal year. An advanced degree exemption from the H-1B cap is available for 20,000 beneficiaries who have earned a US master’s degree or higher.

Donald Trump on H-1B visa
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It added: “The agency will monitor the number of petitions received and notify the public when the H-1B cap has been met.” According to the agency, “H-1B petitioners must follow all statutory and regulatory requirements as they prepare petitions to avoid delays in processing and possible requests for evidence.” The filing fee for form has increased to $460.

H-1B program allows companies in the US to employ (temporarily) foreign worker in occupations. Basically, the H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(17)(H).

H-1B visa applications starts from april 3
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The duration of stay under H-1B visa is three years, extendable to six years but it can also be extended to ten years for exceptional United States Department of Defense project related work.

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