Every woman loves to manicure as the nails add more to your personality and enhance the beauty of your hands. Good nails are not only photogenic, but they also add some glam to your outfits. In this article here are some tips that you can use to make your manicure last longer.

Try to use cotton balls soaked in vinegar to wipe down your nails before applying the basecoat, as it helps in removing all the extra product on the nails. It also helps with the natural oils on your nails that could create a barrier between the polish.


Apply two coats of base coat to the tips of your nail is essential since nail tips are more prone to chipping. The application of an extra layer of basecoat to the top half of your nails gives extra polish resilience.

Roll the nail paint between your hands instead of shaking it up and down. Shaking causes air bubbles. And if you paint air bubbles onto your nails, they’ll chip faster

Avoid drying the nails with the dryer. Alternatively, you can dip your nail in ice water for a minute or two, which also aids drying.

 To help the nail paint last longer use a mild soap to wash your hands Using hand sanitizer dries out your nails and ruins topcoat.

Applying nail oil daily can prevent your nails from drying out. The less moisture your nails have, they more likely to break and tear.

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