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Haji Mastan’s Son Threatens Rajinikanth “Not To Depict My Father As An Underworld Don”

There are speculations that Rajinikanth will play the role of the famous don, Haji Mastan in his next movie. It will be directed by Pa Ranjith and showcase the life story of an underworld don with negative shades. Meanwhile, Haji Mastan’s foster son, Sunder Shekhar who runs a local party, Bharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh from Nagpada, Mumbai has sent a legal notice to Rajinikanth asking him not to portray his father as a Don or a Smuggler.

Rajinikanth threatened by Haji Mastan’s foster son for making a film on late underworld don

Shekhar has also released a video in which he threatened Rajinikanth, saying that. “Mr. Rajinikanth, it is good that you have decided to make a film on Haji Mastan. But remember if Haji Mastan’s image is projected as a villain in your upcoming movie, then you (Rajinikanth) and your team have to pay the price. Our party workers will not leave you, they will create some trouble for you.”

Haji Mastan’s Son Threatens Rajinikanth
Source: India Samvad

According to the, in the letter, he wrote: “Haji Mastan’s image has been made of underworld don and smuggler which is wrong. He was never found guilty in any of the case. If you portray him in a bad light then be prepared to face the consequences. I further state that both of us are hailing from Tamil Nadu and I am staying with him since from my childhood. He raised me as his own son and never forced me to change my religion.”

Interestingly, he himself wants to make a biopic on Mastan as a producer and also he is a registered lifetime member of Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association.

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