News Halle Berry Made Controversial Comments on Working Style of Hollywood and Oscars

Halle Berry Made Controversial Comments on Working Style of Hollywood and Oscars

Halle Berry, the ace Hollywood Oscar winning actress gave a reality check about working style in Hollywood. Even after Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said it invited 298 more women to join its ranks in order to improve diversity at the organization behind the Oscars. 

Halle Berry who is one and only black woman to ever win the best actress Oscar said her 2002 win is nothing but worthless. On her comment, the Fast and The Furious star Michelle Rodriguez warned her that she may quit the action movie franchise unless filmmakers “show some love for women.”

Her comments gave a reality check about the difference in working with men and women in the biggest filmmaking industry in Hollywood. A list was revealed on Wednesday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which has the name of those people who are invited to join its membership this year. This list included a record-setting 774 names. Most of them are women. Halle made her comments after the releasing of this list.

Halle Berry won Oscar for Best Actress in the year 2002 for romantic drama Monster’s Ball and became the first black woman who won Oscar in this category. It’s been 15 years but she remains the only woman of colour to get the honour. On that she said,

“Wow, that moment really meant nothing. It meant nothing. I thought it meant something, but I think it meant nothing,” 

Berry further said, she reached that troubling conclusion in 2016 when all 20 of the Oscar acting nominees were white, sparking the #OscarsSoWhite backlash.

“I was profoundly hurt by that, and saddened by that and it had prompted her to want to start directing and producing to make more opportunities for actors color.”

Elsewhere, actress Rodriguez, who plays Vin Diesel’s lady love in five of the eight Fast and Furious franchise, suggested Halle, she was prepared to quit her role as tough street racer Letty Ortiz over the portrayal of women. She took Instagram and wrote,

“I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one or I just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise.”

Earlier in an interview, she said that “Women in action films should have more female camaraderie, (and have) women do things independently outside of what the boys are doing – now that is truly the voice of female independence.”


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