Happy Lohri 2020: 5 special and traditional sweet delights of the occasion

Happy Lohri 2020: Lohri is the one of the most celebrated midwinter festival of north India, especially in Punjab and Himachal. On this occasion families gather together around bonfire on the beats of folk songs, dhols and delicious foods to celebrate.

Happy lohri 2020
Happy Lohri 2020, Image Copyrighted by Pagalparrot

Today we are going to talk about 5 delicious and scrumptious foods used in the celebration of this festival. So let’s jump into the list:

  1. Rewri
Rewri snack image.

Rewri is a sugar snack which is must have on this occasion. This tastes really sweet and melts in mouth. These small sized sweet snacks are made by sesame seeds and jaggery .

2. Gajak

Gajak snack image

Again sesame seeds are essential for this snack also. Gajak contains sesame seeds (til), caramelized jaggery (gud) and khoya (dry whole milk).

3. Chikki

Chikki snack image

Chikki is another word for caramelized jaggery and groundnuts (peanuts). This contains a lot of peanuts and gives your body a stamina and plenty of nutrients to fight winters.

4. Till ka Laddoo

Till ka laddoo

With its perfect taste and goodness for your health, Till ka laddoo is another most consumed snacks on Lohri. This snack contains sesame seads and jaggery and can be enjoyed in any season.

5. Popcorn

Caramel popcorn

May be you already know about this…. am i right? haha yes… Let me tell you a secret, popcorn is also called as Lava of Corn in some regions. People enjoy this crunchy snack around bonfire (sometimes caramelized), singing their folk songs and pray for the happy world.

The motive of celebrating Lohri is the joy of welcoming longer days with Sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere which indicates the endings of winters. Pagalparrot family wishes you a very happy lohri and a great joy in life ahead.