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Harmful Side Effects Of Masturbation That You Should All Be Aware Of




Masturbation is such an activity that we all humans are most addicted to. YES, there is no doubt about that. To be on an honest note, almost 99.09 % of the adult population do love to masturbate and some of them are chronically addicted to it but are you all aware of the most harmful side effects of masturbation? Be that as it may, the one who are regular at this particular job should be aware of the harmful effects of masturbation. Masturbation is such a problem that all the youth nowadays face and is the only hurdle they face in the present era. A lot of myths are there in the air that masturbation is good for the sex life as well as penis enlargement. But, my dear friend, you are hearing that all wrong. To put you all on the safe side, we are up with the all genuine harmful side effects of masturbation that you all should, yes, SHOULD be aware of –


before and after side effect of masturbation

| Image Courtesy: Medical Daily |

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