Entertainment Celebrity Gossips Katrina Kaif's Sister Isabelle is Dating This Famous Bollywood Actress' Brother?

Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabelle is Dating This Famous Bollywood Actress’ Brother?

Breakups and patch-ups in the Bollywood are a common scenario. Where there is a news that Elli Avram and Hardik Pandya broke up, the other news around the corner is Sonam Kapoor’s brother Harshvardhan and Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle, spotted hanging out together last night.

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They were spotted at the private screening of film Bhavesh Joshi Superhero at a theatre in Juhu. Speculations are maybe they are meeting up to discuss a new project together or maybe…they are “just friends”.

Well, whatever the reason is, this set of pictures has certainly given Bollywood an idea of a new couple alert! From this extremely brief glimpse, we can say that these two will look good together on screen. Check out the pictures of Harshvardhan and Isabelle arriving together in a car.

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