In 31 years old Hashimpura massacre, the Delhi High Court gives its verdict and sentenced 16 culprits to life imprisonment. The Hashimpura massacre is an incident of mass murder of 42 youths by 19 policemen which took place on or around 22 May 1987 near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

It happened during the 1987 Meerut communal riots during March to June 1987 with a death toll of 350. According to the reports, 19 policemen picked up 42 youths from the Hashimpura mohalla took them to the peripheral area of the city and shot them dead. After that, they dumped their dead bodies in a nearby irrigation canal. A few days later, the dead bodies were found floating in the canal and a case of murder was registered.

During the probe, out of 19, 3 policemen died till 2000. On account of lack of evidence, a trial court on March 21, 2015, had given the benefit of doubt and acquitted 16 former Provincial Armed Constabulary personnel accused of killing 42 people in Meerut. The case was reopened on the plea and pressure by victims’ family members and survivors. Intervening in the matter NHRC sought further probe into the massacre. And after so years, today, a bench of Justices S Muralidhar and Vinod Goel gives the verdict,

“massacre of 42 persons of a minority community in Hashimpura was targeted killing of unarmed and defenceless persons. Families had to wait 31 years for justice.”