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Trending Hate Cleaning? 15 Hacks To Make Cleaning As Easy as a Pie!

Hate Cleaning? 15 Hacks To Make Cleaning As Easy as a Pie!

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Cleaning is definitely not something anybody would like to spend their weekend doing! For those people who torubled with the mess of their lives and their homes, well, we can’t solve the mes of youe life but your home? YES!
1. Assigning places for stuff   place-for-everything

Things look most untidy when they are lying out of place and everywhere. So this trick is a must for giving your place a neat look.
2. Throw out the excess   excess

don’t hesistate to throw out the stuff that you don’t ned and probably won’t need in the future too. Extra stuff only adds to the clutter.
3. Work along

If you’re heading from one room to another and you notice the counter is too dusty, wipe it instantly with a peice of cloth. Working in small installments feels less tiring.
4. Plan for your children   label

A home with children is most joyful but could be messy at the same time. Plan according to your children. If you have toddlers who like to draw then make sure to line up whiteboards for them to keep your walls from their innocent graffiti art. If you have older children then you can label the baskets and other stuff so that they know which thing should go where.
5. Become more techy and save paper   messy-bills

Believe it or not paper adds to alot of mess in the house. Bills, bank statements, receipts, magazines, etc. add to alot of clutter. Buy a magazine rack and switch to online banking and bill payment methods to save paper mess as well as time.
6. A 10-min pick up everyday  

Do a quick 10 min pick up everyday. You don’t need to put in alot of time at weekends placing things at their right place if you do this quite often.
7. Make a routine

Make yourself a suitable routine according to your work and free timings. Don’t think of it as a cleaning routine but just as a way of staying active and organised.
8. Make your bed right away    make-bed2

Just moments after you wake up, make sure that you make your bed right away because once you get started with your daily morning chores you won’t find till long enough.
9. Wash dishes straight away  

Woman washing dishes in kitchen, mid section, elevated view

Donot leave dirty dishes overnight or till your next meal as you will have to do those dishes later in a big load which will be very tiring and time consuming compared to doing a small amount of dishes just after every meal.
10. Put away clothes every night   put-clothes

Make sure to put away all your clothes in your wardrobe every night before going to bed. Do this real quick at night and in the morning you won’t have a problem looking for your stuff.
11. Do a load of Laundry Everyday  laundry

Donot let your clothes gather for a long day of laundry only, instead wash your clothes in small loads ina day or two. This way you won’t even run out of clean clothes for work ever!
12. Follow the Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique means that for every 25 mins that you don’t work or chill, you work for just 5 mins to balance it all out. If you’re watching TV or reading a book, take a 5 min break in every half an hour and tidy up your room.
13. Create some space for mess

A little bit of mess at some point in unavoidable and for that you will already have a space created. Let aside a small room or just a corner in one room for the little mess that children can’t avoid. After all, they’re just kids!
14. Wipe counters as you go  wipe-counter

For such small stuff you don’t need a whole time slot alotted. Just keep a piece of cloth handy and wipe counters right away while working in the kitchen. This way you won’t let any nasty thing stain your counters.
15. Staying Tidy Together

Until and unless you’re staying all on your own, you can assign bits of cleaning jobs to whoever you’re sharing your living space with. Doing things together helps us bond and minimize the amount of work load.
You won’t hate cleaning anymore and it won’t seem like the shittiest thing to do. Keep your place spick and span!

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