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Hate Story 3 Review: Low On IQ, Kindergarten Level Sex, Forcefully Bad Acting

Hate Story 3, the second sequel was highly marketed as the Indian Erotic thriller but has failed to keep up its promise, atleast Anupama Chopra is not impressed. The Original Hate story somehow kicked off for being unintentionally funny, but this one’s not even close to that.

Anupama’s very first impressions of the movie are: “Kindergarten sex, unintentionally bad dialogue, low IQ intrigue, forcefully bad acting.”

She even said that only brave souls would want to go and watch the movie yet still. the movie is directed by Vishal Pandya, and features Sharman Joshi, Karan Signh Grover, Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah in lead roles which were all somehow bland.

Here’s Anupama Chopra giving the reviews herself for Hate Story 3: 

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