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High Life Haunted and Strange locations In India to Visit

Haunted and Strange locations In India to Visit

#1 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan- It is one of the most mysterious and horrible places in India. No one is allowed to go there at night. It is believed that this fort is cursed by a sadhu in the 17th Century. Due to a few tragic incidents and the widespread belief that the fort is haunted, it is illegal to enter the fort after sunset and before sunrise, by Government Order. As Bhangarh Fort is known for its rich history and paranormal incidents, it is one of the most common tourist destinations in India.

#2 House Number W-3 New Delhi- Here’s the spooky tale behind this. There was a gruesome murder of a couple named Yadu Krishnan Kaul and Madhu Kaul in 1986 and their bodies were later found in an underwater tank. The investigating team also tried to find their close relatives by newspaper advertisements but all efforts went in vain. From then on, this house has remained unoccupied till now. The house is The house became popular as “Haunted House” and later it became the tourist attraction.

#3 Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan- This village is situated in Jaisalmer District of Rajasthan. The local legend claims that while deserting the village, the Paliwals imposed a curse that no one would be able to re-occupy the village. Those who tried to re-populate the village experienced paranormal activities, and therefore, the village remains uninhabited. Slowly and gradually, the village acquired the reputation as a haunted place and started attracting tourists.

#4 Kalpalli Cemetery, Bengaluru- People spotted a man like a figure lurking around here at night. The fear of supernatural is horrible and spooky but on the other side, it is interesting too. This place is also known as St.John’s cemetery. People avoid taking this road at night if they are driving alone for the fear of encountering something spooky.

#5 Ramoji Film City Hyderabad- It is the largest integrated film city in Telangana and has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest studio complex in the world. But since many years multiple inexplicable incidents have taken place here. It was built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in 1996.


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