Haunted Hospital Of Germany And 9 Paranormal Places Around The World

Haunted Places in the world

This picture is from the Sanatorium of Belits. In 1902 it was opened as a lung clinic. It remained a military hospital during both world wars. Today this place has turned into ruins. It reminds people coming to see this a terrible reminder of the bygone days. This place is becoming popular among tourists as well as photography enthusiasts. This is one of the places where urban explorers are reaching. These photographers, who call themselves “Arabex”, are actually drawing the attention of the old buildings in the cities. This time there will be a visit of similar haunted buildings in the churning.

Island of dolls

Haunted Places in the world

In some places, even without Halloween, the heart is shaken. For example, in Isla de la Munecas, Mexico, hundreds of broken effigies hang on trees. Fearing the soul of a girl drowned here, a resident of the island started collecting dolls. It is said that he himself later drowned.

Collapsed sanatorium

Among the frightening places are Belits’ sanatorium buildings near Berlin. This lung clinic was opened in 1902. It remained a military hospital during both world wars. Only one part of it has been renovated, the rest is collapsing and reminds the tourists of the horrific days.

Haunted atmosphere

It is not only the highest mountain in the Harts mountain range. People also call it block mountains. It is said that ghosts and witches gather here on the last night of April. Although no one has seen it yet, but tourists say that there are strange things to be found there.

Dracula’s Palace

Bran’s palace is in Trans Sylvania, Rumania. Count Dracula of the stories of Bram Stoker used to hold a court here. And this palace really looks like a description of Stoker’s stories. As the night falls, the atmosphere here becomes frightening.

Church of bones

Haunted Places in the world

About 70 km from Prague, a church causes fear in return for peace. Crosses, chandeliers and cup plates are made of human bones in the ground floor of this church located in the city of Sedlech. The idea was of the Civil Engineer Fronticheck Rint. The church is now a world heritage.

Mummy of Palermo

Haunted Places in the world

The graveyard of Kapucheen Christian religious leaders in the city of Palermo, Italy, is not for the weak-hearted. Dozens of corpses hang beneath this city of Silice. Between 1599 and 1881, wealthy citizens were buried here. Keeping mummies in the tomb was considered a symbol of prosperity.

Ghost town of priyapat

The city of Pripyat in Ukraine only existed for 16 years. After that the Chernobyl nuclear accident made this city of 43,000 inhabitants a haunted city. Since 1986, the city has been involved in restricted areas around the crashed nuclear plant. Time has stopped here.

Cornwell’s Prison

Haunted Places in the world

On the outskirts of the Bodmin Moors in Cornwell, Britain, is a prison built in 1779, which was also used for hanging. This prison, which was closed in 1929, has now turned into ruins. Some people speak of paraphysical activities here.

Jungle of suicides

Haunted Places in the world

Aoagahara is a densely wooded forest in the foothills of the Fuji Hills in Japan. It has been attracting suicides since the 1960s. In a book published at that time, suicide was described here.

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