Haunted Places In Gurgaon That You Better Not Visit Alone Or At Night

If you’ve ever been to Gurgaon you must be aware of the strange roads and eerie vibe that surrounds the place. One wrong turn at night you might be heading to a desserted land that looks like to have come straight out of a hollywood horror flick. But much to our dismay and horror the place is creepy for more than one reason as there are in fact legends and stories of about the vicerals of the city that might chill you to your bone.

The below mentioned stories and incidents are in fact.. TRUE!

1. MG Road- where the spirit of a woman awaits travellers at night.


The long stretch of MG Road is haunted at night by a dead woman dressed in white saree who runs along people’s vehicles and has bulging eyes and tongue stuck out of a forearm’s length. Many cab drivers have reported the same woman to be walking the road.

2. The Curse of Gurgaon- Saffron BPO!



It is the most haunted place in Gurgaon. It is beleived that the company once had an employee named Rose who was always rewarded as the employee of the month for her performace and punctuality. however, one day after a long phone call she went on an extended leave and was never heard from again. Soon, her friends and colleagues started wondering and asked her landlord who said that no such girl lived here. When traced back to her family they claimed that Rose had died 8 years ago!

3. Ashok Vihar flyover


Beware of this misleading spirirt that commands the Ashok Vihar flyover. If you ever spot a woman standing on the road just step on the gas and drive as fast you never had because this dead woman stops you to ask for directions and then you either your car breaks down  or you keep going in circles. Spooky!

4. The Haunted Apartment in Sector-7, Gurgaon


The apartment on the ground floor in one of the buildings of sector-7 is said to be haunted. Many people have reported weird noises coming from the house and random turning on the lights and showers around the house. The ex-residents howver, have had much scarier experiences who reported hallucinations and strange noises. The house is haunted by the ghost of a man who was brutally murdered in the bathroom!

5. Sector-56 Gurgaon


According to an ex-resident of the house in the sector-56, Pooja Singh, the family heard repeated knocks on the door without anyone being on the other side and random turning on and off of lights. However, one particluar day they witnessed a toy car that a child could drive moving on its own. They surely hit the road moments later!

6. The Legend Of the Haunted Car- Sector-15 Gurgaon


Driving around this part of Gurgaon is surely treading a slick path especially during foggy winter mornings. Most drivers have reported a random car speeding on the road at odd hours. People who try to follow it end up hitting a barricade or a tree. In low visibility, the ghost car is more than creepy as it can actually lead you to death!

7. Cyber City- Gurgaon


According to locals, when a schoolwas being buit on the land of cyber city, no guard would take up the duty for night shift asif anyone ever did theyheard men, women and children crying out in pain and anguish. All the guards ever appointed fled from the place without even collecting their pay. They apparently held Pooja and rituals to settle things down but who knows if its the silence before a storm!

We surely do hope you don’t live in Gurgaon but if you do… Just be Careful!

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