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High Life Woman in a White Saree And Ear-splitting Screams, Indian Railway Stations Where...

Woman in a White Saree And Ear-splitting Screams, Indian Railway Stations Where People Afraid To Go!

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We often heard stories of the ghost. Some places are haunted where people are restricted to go. Today we will tell you about one such place. It’s none other than Railway Station. Yes, you read it right! Here are some Railway Stations in India that are haunted. Want to know more? Read out the text:

1) Naini Railway Station Allahabad, Allahabad

The Naini Railway Station is situated at a few distance from Naini Jail. It is believed that in Naini Jail some freedom fighters had died brutally. The ghosts of those freedom fighters wander on the railway station. However, there is no solid proof or eye-witness but native people say that their presence can be felt.

2) Begunkodor Railway Station Kolkata, West Bengal

According to the villagers, in 1967, the railway master reported the sighting of a woman’s ghost, and it was rumored that she had died in a railway accident. The real trouble started when the dead bodies of him and his family were found in their quarters. It is believed that the lady ghost killed them.

3) Barog Railway Station Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

There is a tunnel near Barog Railway Station which is called as Tunnel Number 33. This tunnel is haunted. Colonel Barog was a British railway engineer who was in charge of creating a tunnel. While its making, he committed a mistake of boring the tunnel from both (opposite) ends of the mountain. The crew was divided into halves, which started the digging and blasting the tunnel from opposite ends. The Colonel instructed the crew members to bore the tunnel according to his calculations with a vision that both the tunnels would meet in the middle to become a single tunnel but it didn’t happen. British government fined him with 1 rupee for his not so good work. This was very humiliating for the Colonel. Out of frustration and humiliation, the British engineer during a walk along with his pet dog shot himself. He was then buried there near the tunnel and it seems he has never left the place since.

4) Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station Kolkata, West Bengal

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station also known as a haunted place of Kolkata. It is considered a popular suicide site. Yells and screams can be heard from sometimes.

5) Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station Delhi

People generally avoid going there at nights as it is considered there is an existence of spirits at nights. It is believed that after an accident near the tree the lost soul had its existence there. Whenever anyone tries to trespass by that road the tree hits him or her and blocked their way. 

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