Have Belly Fat? Then Strictly Avoid These 6 Drinks Else it Will be Doubled!


If you are facing belly fat problem and are trying to lessen it then you should avoid food and drinks which don’t increase the fat. Today we will tell you about 5 drinks that you should strictly avoid otherwise your belly fat will be doubled. Not only belly fat but will also increase the other health problems. 

These drinks contain 300-400 calories. In order to burn this, you need to walk fast continuously for 1 hour. Here are 6 drinks which increase belly fat rapidly. 

Cold Coffee With Ice-Cream

Everyone’s favorite cold coffee can double the belly fat just like that!┬áIf you take ice cream with cold coffee, it will get about 300 calories. Instead, if you drink cold coffee without ice-cream, it will be good.

reduce belly fat

Milk Shake With Ice-Cream

It contains more than 400 calories. It should be fully avoided. Chocolate shake is also fatty. Instead, you can drink ordinary shakes such as Papaya shake, apple shake but without cream and ice cream.


A beer contains 150 calories. If you eat something else with it then calories will increase. Avoid it completely.

reduce belly fat

Creamy Vegetable Soup

We sip the soup considering it as a healthy drink but do you know the creamy soup can double your belly fat. It has to be completely avoided. It contains 300-400 calories.

reduce belly fat


They contain 300-400 calories because they constitute considerable amounts of sugar. Drinking them is like raising belly fat.


One bottle of soda contains 250 calories. Instead, you can drink black coffee. It contains 0 calories. You can also drink milk as it is healthy and has calories less than 100.