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High Life Have you ever woken up having an intense orgasm ?? This could...

Have you ever woken up having an intense orgasm ?? This could be the reason, Girls

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As per the definition of Orgasm on Wikepedia Orgasm (also sexual climax) is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.his happens when you go physical with someone or during sexual intercourse but have you ever woken up having an intense orgasm without having any physical relationship.

Someone asked this question on reddit and people on reddit gave some interesting answer to the question.One commenter on reddit gives a answer,

“This can happen, Specially if I have gone long time without sex.”

But science has a answer of this question for you WET DREAMS, ladies :

For women, the “proof” is internal. Back in 1983, researchers measured the physiological changes that occurred when a woman orgasmed in her sleep, and they found that her heart rate sped up from 50 to 100 beats per minute and her breathing from 12 to 22 breaths per minute—and she experienced a “very marked” increase in vaginal blood flow.

Then there’s the brain activity. While the 1983 study is one of the few to measure orgasm during sleep, Barry Komisaruk, a distinguished professor at Rutgers University, has studied “non-genital orgasms” extensively, including women who can “think” themselves to orgasm. His work mapping what happens in the brain during these orgasms helps explain how one can climax while unconscious.

“During REM sleep you have increased blood flow to your erectile tissue—for women it’s in the whole clitoral complex,” said Castellanos. “Your brain recognizes that you have more blood flow in those tissues, and it can lead to sexual arousal and this can be the reason for intense orgasm in women and men both.”

But wet dreams or unconscious sexual arousal or orgasm during sleep are totally normal and it can help you to relieve stress.It could happen more frequent when you go a bit without sex for few days.It depends on how turned on you are before falling asleep or in your dream.

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