Have you ever wondered which phone PM Narendra Modi use?

We all know about the love of technology of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whether it is to be active on social media or about their favorite selfie moments. But have you ever wondered which phone our PM Modi uses? 

Many of you will immediately name the iPhone. He has also often been seen holding an iPhone while taking a selfie. But you have hardly noticed that the PM always carries different phones. He is mostly seen using different models of iPhone. 

So does PM Modi use iPhone?

You will be surprised to know that PM Modi cannot use iPhone or any other such smartphone. This has been done for their security and their being a global leader. In addition, their phone comes equipped with some specialized software. The PM uses the phone only for taking selfies among the people. The rest, there is a whole team to handle their social media. 

How does PM talk to others without phone?

It is not that PM Modi does not have a phone. The phone is there, but a specially designed phone. In fact, PMs use satellite or RAX (Restricted Area Exchange) phones, which are specially designed for VIPs like him.

Any other conversation is done through his Principal Secretary. Their phones are also specially designed, manufactured by Navratna PSU, Bharat Electronics Limited. It is an encrypted mobile phone. 

This phone can neither hack nor track. Because they work on the military frequency band. Also, they are regularly monitored by agencies like NTRO and DEITY. Not only this, PM Modi reportedly uses satellite numbers through his office. It consists of three layers of encrypted security, which are almost impossible to break.