creativity on banana
creativity on banana

Have you imagined doing something with, Bananas apart from eating them and making dishes out of them?. Well, here we are talking about something that will leave your mouth open. It is actually an incredible work done by Artist Stefan Bruchet from the Netherlands. Who loves bananas. This Dutch artist partially paints, and partially makes sculptures from bananas. Stefan seems to see endless possibilities for creativity on edible canvases. And luckily it turns out great.

He started this work several years ago and hence one day taking to his Instagram handle he said “I just started using Instagram. I was working and I wanted to publish something. Noticing the banana, I thought it would be cool if I paint a little happy face on it. “, And since then he is making beautiful sculptures out of it. Not only the bananas but also he does it with other fruits. But bananas are his favorites. 

Take a look at the incredible work on Bananas

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