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Having A Dog As Pet Can Benefit Your Health In Curious Ways

It is quite rightly said that Dogs are Man’s best friend and this best friend is truly a gift to whole of mankind. Our cute furry friends not just offer constant and loyal companionship but also contribute to our health and well being in the most amazing and curious ways.


Studies have compared the health and well being of Dog owners to those who don’t have pets and the concept of your Dog helping with your health may seem unnatural thinking about your pet sniffing its own behind or licking its muddy paws but its true! Its a proven facts that dogs improve, mental, emotional and physical health.

They Can Detect Cancer 


It has been a myth in the dog owner universe that Dog’s can detect Cancer but as per a study in the late 80’s, a patient reported how her dog constantly kept sniffing a mole on her leg and even tried to bite off. Worried with the dog’s behaviour she got the mole tested and found out that it was a malignant melanoma tumour. How do they do it is still a mystery but dog’s surely have a greater unknown sense to detect ailments and cancer.

They are full-time Stress Busters


Dogs are known to reduce the stress of Dog owners. Simply wtching your dog play in the yard or watch it goofing around and chasing around birds is a wonderful sight to behold. You just can’t help but smile! Caring for and petting your dog dexcreases the amount of stress hormones released in the body.

They Help Combat Depression and Anxiety


Dogs help their owners to revel and enjoy in moments of basic happiness and therefore reducing anxiety levels and curbing depression. Their utmost form of pure love an dcompanionship builds in self-confidence and reduces consciousness in the outer world.

They keep you moving

Labrador and Trainer with Dog Chew Toy at Park

Ever played with a dog and you know how these furry creatures love to play around. Dogs also love going for walks and playing with ball. Therefore, a dog can hugely help in keeping you active and staying fit!

They Lower risk of Allergies

boys with dog

If you’ve had your kids growing up with Dogs you will realise how resilient they would be to basic common allergies. Dogs lower the risk of allergies in children while they are growing up building their immunity which lasts till adulthood.

They improve Heart Health

Young man pretending to kiss dog --- Image by © Laura Doss/Corbis

Dog owners also have lesser chances to fall prey to heart diseases and blood pressure problems. The security of having a Dog helps you get better sleep at night. Petting your dog reduces your heart rate and lowers high blood pressure. The happiness received from them and the love given to them fill you with positivity helping you to live longer and better.


Dogs can be great companions, guardians and protectors. No other form of love can ever be so giving and so positively divine than that received from a Dog! If you’ve been planning to get yourself and your family a pet there is no better time and your new best friend will never let you regret your decision!

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