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News "He Also Asked Whether I Can Bear a Child, Would These Questions...

“He Also Asked Whether I Can Bear a Child, Would These Questions Be Asked If I Wasn’t a Transgender Woman?”

In 2017 Hiranmey Dey changed the name to Suchitra Dey after sex reassignment surgery (SRS). She went to an interview seeking for a job of a teacher. But there she was asked such type of irrelevant and indecent questions.

“My educational qualification or 10 years of experience didn’t matter to them. When they looked at me, all they could see was a man who had transformed into a woman. Nothing else mattered because if one belongs to the third gender in this country, ridicule is a way of life,” said Suchitra.

Moreover, in 2014 Supreme Court considered them the third gender category for them. They can also seek jobs under this category and can get admission in educational institutions. So, why our society is not accepting them even the well-educated people are behaving like that.

“One of the interviewers at a well-known Kolkata school asked me to wear male outfits because all my mark sheets and certificates say that I am a man. In each of these interviews, I faced the worst kind of humiliation. The male principal of one of these schools asked me whether I can bear a child. He also asked me if my breasts are real. Would these questions be asked if I wasn’t a transgender woman?”

Before the surgery, Suchitra started her teaching career at a school in Kolkata’s Thakurpukur area, where she still teaches. “Everyone there has always been extremely cooperative. The management was happy to let me rejoin after the surgery and I finally started leading my life as a woman. I currently teach students from classes V to X,” she said.

According to my point of view, it was very shameful for our country that our educational professionals are behaving in such a way. The questions which were asked by Suchitra was very insulting and indecent. This is expected at least from well-educated people of our country.


There are many other cases of transgenders regarding their disrespect and insult. What is your opinion about that and what suggestions do you want to give our society to respect and accept transgenders? You can leave your views in the comment section or can mail your opinion to and I will publish your opinion on PagalParrot.

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