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Infotainment He Asked Her How Much She Charges For Sex. What She Did...

He Asked Her How Much She Charges For Sex. What She Did Next Is Really Brave

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So many cases of lewd men stalking girls have been reported and posted across the social media. Yet, the creeps on internet do not seem to have any fear of them getting caught or punished. Sending indecent messages and pictures fall under sexual harassment and it should not be ignored at any cost.

You might have came across this story before, but if not, get to know now. The thing which made me write on this story is for the purpose of awakening girls who ignore such bastards making them more confident on their shameful deeds. This make their attitude more casual as they know what much would happen besides their ID getting blocked.

They just not deserve to get blocked in social media, but a tight slap on the face that will bring their dirty freaking mind at the right place.

Richa Chandrawanshi, an engineer with a multinational company in Bengaluru, used social media to humiliate the man who allegedly sent her sexually offensive text messages.

A Facebook user, Vivek Tiwari, sent Chandrawanshi messages purportedly asking her to sleep with him. When police did not act on her repeated complaints, she decided to teach the man a lesson by posting screenshots of his messages on social media platforms.

These are the messages he sent her:


The girl gave him the reply he deserved :


She decided to post these messages on Facebook, she wrote :

Here is what the faggot replied :

Richa did a very right thing. Creeps like this needs to be exposed not just blocked. Girls should not ignore these things by seeing it as a small thing. By doing so, its you who are adding fuel to their confidence. What if they start stalking you at real life ? Its better to lodge a police complaint against these people. And by the time police do its media is always handy. You must know how to use it well.

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