Everybody wants true love in their life. You want them to be the one who was truly and only made for you. Sometimes people turn out to be far different than you think they are.

#1 Immoral
Morality is a huge virtue of a person who has a strong character. Anyone who has a low morality or no moral values is definitely someone you should not fall in love with.

#2 Abusive
This is a huge red flag. This definitely means they’re not ‘the one’ for you. Anyone who abuses you physically and/or mentally is a dangerous person. They should immediately be kicked out of your life.

He is not the one for you#3 Unfaithful
Faithfulness is a must in a relationship. Two people who love each other ought to be loyal. If they are not loyal to you, they don’t deserve a place in your life. It’s time to say goodbye for good.

#4 Disrespectful 
If a person loves another person, they respect their views and opinions; even if they disagree with it. The key lies in respecting the difference of opinions. If they are disrespecting and insult your views, they’re not worthy of your love or time.

#5 Criticize
Understand the difference between jokes and criticization. Criticization can badly affect your self-esteem. Good relation inspires and help you to do good in your life. Motivate to grow but a bad relation will pull you down every time.

These are five important sign that you should never take lightly. These signs tell you that you are not with the right person. A relationship should be like a boon in your life, not a bane. We normally ignore these signs because we feel that we don’t worth the best or this is what we deserve. But each one of us has right to choose the best for us.

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