High Life Health Benefits of Applying Just 2 Drops of Alcohol on a Belly Button

Benefits of Applying Just 2 Drops of Alcohol on a Belly Button

So far you have heard about the demerits of alcohol. Consuming alcohol is bad for the kidneys. Drinking alcohol affects the liver. You would be surprised to know that alcohol can eliminate many health problems also. But for this, you will not have to drink alcohol rather need to apply it on the navel. There are many benefits of applying alcohol to the belly button. Read out the text:

1) You will get rid off periods pain – Women suffer stomach or abdominal ache during their periods which is sometimes very severe. Surprisingly, the alcohol has the solution. Take a cotton. Soak it half of the alcohol and keep it on the navel for 10 minutes. This will help you get relief from the pain and also your entire body will get relaxed. To overcome the period’s pain, lie down and press the navel for a while, the pain will be relieved.

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2) Applying alcohol on navel also helps in overcome muscle pain.

3) Alcohol also helps in relieving common cold and cough. Just drink a lid of alcohol.

4) Small amounts of alcohol might, in effect, make brain cells more fit. Alcohol in moderate amounts stresses cells and thus toughens them up to cope with major stresses down the road that could cause dementia.

5) Drinking two units of alcohol per day can reduce the risk of gallstones by one-third.

6) A study shows healthy adults who drink one to two glasses per day have a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes, in comparison to those who don’t drink at all.

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