Applying Mustard Oil Daily on These Two Organs Can do Wonders

We have a numerous things that are found in our kitchen to lead a healthy and wealthy. One of them that we are today going to discuss is mustard oil. Yes, you read it right! Mustard oil can do wonders to your body. Apart from cooking it also plays an important role as a healthy ointment. How? let us tell you! The use of mustard oil can also be done to eliminate many serious diseases in our body. Just applying it in two of the body parts of yours you can cure many health problems. Read out the text below to know about these body parts:

Soles and thumbs of the feet

Before going to the bed every night, applying mustard oil on the soles of the feet can cure problems related to the eyes. Rubbing some mustard oil on the soles of the feet or on the thumbs of the feet, improves eyesight. It also helps in eradicating dark circles, blackness, rash blisters etc.

Navel or belly button

Putting some mustard oil in the belly-button can prevent dryness in the skin and lips. Massaging children with mustard oil will help them sleep better while also make their bodies stronger. A closed nose (due to a cold), can be opened by dropping a drop of mustard oil into each nostril.

Miracles Your Belly Button Can Do

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