Hello Mars! China unveils first HD views of its Tianwen-1 Spacecraft

China’s Mission Tianwen-1 has spent a month orbiting Mars now and the photographs are already stunning.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) released three new images, both black and white and color, 4 March. The new images are the first high definition photos of the spacecraft. Mars from orbit, which also makes it the sharpest images to date.

The CNSA provided few details on the new photographs, although the color image shows the north pole of the red planet and the two black and white images were taken at an altitude of around 350 kilometers, according to a statement .

This landing is currently scheduled for May or June; the rover will spend about three months working on the Martian surface using its six instruments. If the landing is successful, the rover will become the second to start working on the Red Planet this year, joining NASA . Perseverance rover that landed on February 18th.