Hema Malini

Hema Malini holds her place among the evergreen and beautiful actresses of Hindi cinema. Hema Malini has earned a lot of name worldwide by working in Hindi cinema. Hema Malini, who has been away from the film world for a long time, is currently active in politics. Like films, Hema’s political career has also been brilliant.

Hema Malini has given many hits to Hindi cinema. Along with her performance, Hema Malini has been in a lot of discussion for her beauty and her dance as well. Hema married veteran actor Dharmendra. Dharmendra was already married, yet Hema’s heart fell on him. At the same time, Dharmendra also became crazy about Hema and finally, the pair got married in the year 1980.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra became parents to two daughters. The elder daughter’s name is Esha Deol while the younger daughter’s name is Ahana Deol. Like her parents, Isha also stepped into the film world, although she could not get success like her parents. Isha has been away from films for a long time. Significantly, Esha Deol was married to famous businessman Bharat Takhtani in the year 2012.

Fans like the pairing of Isha and Bharat. Both are parents to two daughters Radhya Takhtani and Miraya Takhtani. It is said that both are childhood friends. Both had dated each other for a long time before marriage. However, Hema Malini wanted to get her daughter married to actor Abhishek Bachchan, son of century megastar Amitabh Bachchan. But Isha did not listen to her mother.

Let us tell you that this story was disclosed by Esha Deol herself. When she reached the show of famous filmmaker Karan Johar, Karan asked her the question, ‘In the interview given to Karan Johar, your mother has clearly expressed that she wants a son-in-law like Abhishek Bachchan. Would you like to say something on this?’

In response, the actress said, “My mother is really very sweet. She took the name of Abhishek, because at this time he is the most eligible bachelor.

She wants me to settle down with a good person and in such a situation, she likes Abhishek Bachchan the best. But I don’t want to marry Abhishek Bachchan.”

She further said, “Because I consider him like my elder brother. So sorry mother.” Not only this, but Hema also wanted to make actor Vivek Oberoi son-in-law. On this Isha had said, “Even the mother does not know what she thinks. No conscience at all. He’s not my type.”

Eventually, Isha married her childhood friend and boyfriend Bharat Takhtani with pomp and today both of them are leading a happy life with their daughters. Let me tell you that, in an interview, Isha had also disclosed that, she does not see any Bollywood hero as her husband or boyfriend.

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