High Life Here Are The Useless Body Parts You Can Totally Live Without

Here Are The Useless Body Parts You Can Totally Live Without

So, do you think each and every body part is important? If yes, sorry to say, but you are completely wrong. We have a list of body parts that we don’t need. On a lighter note, we can call them spare parts. Here are 25 Useless Body Parts You Can Actually Live Without:

1. Body Hair

Body hair isn’t as necessary as you think. In older times, we originally used hair to help detect parasites but now we have better methods of detecting parasites.

2. Auricular muscles

Auricular muscles are the muscles surrounding the outer ear that move. We, humans don’t use it all.

3. Extra eye membrane

Researchers think it originally formed in order to help keep your eye moist and clean. It’s really not necessary anymore.

4. Jacobson’s organ

Neuroscientist Michael Meredith tells that this organ is not connected to the brain. So, obviously, it has no use.

5. Tonsils

In simple words, going without your tonsils is not an issue.

As there are 20 more useless body parts, watch the video for further details.

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