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Infotainment Here Is How This Boy Successfully Made 'Muhammad Ali's' Death Prediction In...

Here Is How This Boy Successfully Made ‘Muhammad Ali’s’ Death Prediction In The Year 2015

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The latest example of real life psychic powers is given to us by Pablo Reyes, a Facebook user who made some shocking predictions in the year 2015 and to your surprise, most of his predictions did occur this year like the prediction of “death of Muhammad Ali”, “death of Prince” and the world crying over the “death of Harambe the Gorilla.”

Pablo Reyes made Muhamad Ali's death prediction in year 2015

Moreover, he has also predicted that Hilary Clinton will be appointed as the 1st American female president and Donald Trump will die. Just like you, the world is also shocked that how this boy predicted all this by his own and will his remaining predictions will also come true or not?

Here’s the answer how this boy predicted the death of Muhammad Ali, first see his December 2015 post:

Well, here Pablo only used the simple “Edit History” trick to fool 2 lakh people who rightly fell into his trap, which he used on his tornado post:

Pablo Reyes Muhamad Ali's death prediction Tweet

Pablo basically used this original status “White people outside taking selfies with tornadoes and shit” on 27th of December 2015 but he recently edited it on 13th of June 2016 so that he can fool everyone with his latest posts.

Pablo Reyes Muhamad Ali's death prediction Tweet

Although he was successful in fooling so many people, the secret behind his each and every prediction has been revealed now.

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