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Here is The Guide To Know How much Water is too much ?

Here is The Guide To Know How much Water is too much ?


It’s always been subjected to loads of advice to you about drinking adequate amount of water. Drinking sufficient Water is the best way to regulate body temperature in summer. It is also a method to keep away infections and diseases. However, experts suggest that you should always keep a watch on your water intake. Drinking water when you are thirsty is natural, but when you keep hydrating yourself even when your body doesn’t need it, effects the fluid balance in your body. Over hydration can damage your body in more ways than you can know.

Here are some Ideas keep a check on your water intake:-

  • Intake Water in Sip, don’t just gulp

The dry or humid weather will have you craving for water often. However, one must understand that it might just be a feeling and that your body might be well hydrated. Dryness in the throat during summer is common. One feels thirsty all the time. This might lead to over hydration. To avoid this, one must adopt a mantra. Sip, don’t gulp. This will keep thirst at bay and will definitely prevent over hydration.

  • Causes Damage to Your Kidneys

You put your body through extensive pressure when you drink too much of water. Your kidneys have to work extra in this situation. It can lead to damaging their functioning.

See Also

  • kidney_diseasePuts Additional Pressure on the heart

You just throw your heart off-balanced, when you over-hydrate your body. It increases total blood volume and puts extra stress on the heart and blood vessels.

  • get-regular-ehalth-checkups-heart-diseases-check-upsCauses of Loss of essential minerals
    Over hydration also makes you lose essential minerals due to excess urination. Lower levels of sodium can be fatal for your body as well.
  • downloadMay Cause Fatigue in the circulatory system
    Your body is not designed to hold and process huge amounts of water. The increase in body fluids can be a strain on the circulatory system. This might result in a headache, nausea and even acute muscle pain sometimes.

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