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News Here Is The List Of Lies Spoken By PM Modi In His...

Here Is The List Of Lies Spoken By PM Modi In His Independence Day Speech With The Real Data

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his shortest Independence Day speech on Tuesday. With an articulation from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi, PM Modi actually counted the list of achievements achieved by his government. But now is the time to check the Modi’s claims or a fact check of Modi’s claims:

Source: The Indian Express

Claim: “After forming the government, our first task was to constitute a SIT [Special Investigation Team]. Today, after three years, I want to tell the countrymen proudly that we have confiscated black money worth Rs. 1.25 lakh crores, the culprits will be brought to book and forced to surrender.”

Fact Check: As per reported by the, According to a reply to a Lok Sabha question, across Income Tax department searches, surveys, a compliance window and an Income Declaration scheme until 2016, the government had calculated Rs 1.35 lakh crore of undisclosed income.

Claim: “According to the research conducted by outside experts, about Rs 3 lakh crores that had never come into the banking system before, has been brought into the system after the demonetization. More than Rs1.75 lakh crores deposited in the bankers under the scanner. Black money worth Rs. 2 lakh crore had to be deposited in the banks and this system has forced them to be accountable.”

List Of Lies Spoken By PM Modi In His Independence Day Speech With The Real Data
Source: The Indian Express

Fact Check: If the government has identified Rs 2 lakh crore of black money than why only Rs 1.75 lakh crore is under the scanner?

Claim: “More than 2 crore poor mothers and sisters are no longer using fuel wood and using LPG gas stove now.”

Fact Check: According to the, as per the figures by the total LPG gas cylinder or gas consumption, people have not brought new cylinders after they get the free connection.

Claim: “New systems are emerging. Today roads are being built at twice the speed.”

Fact Check: Actually roads were built at the highest speed in 2012-’13. These are the figures of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

Claim: “The railway tracks are being laid at double the speed.”

Fact Check: In 2011-12, the highest rate of adding new railway lines was witnessed.


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