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Here Is The Reason Why You Should Sleep In The Same Room With Your Baby

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When a family is excepting a baby, there are certain things which are common and the most significant is to prepare the baby room. First, you will decorate and buy furniture for your baby. This is the most fun part. Isn’t it? Planning everything from buying a crib to deciding what color to paint on the walls. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are certain things which every parent should do in order for their baby safety.

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The group’s new policy calls for infants to sleep in the same room as their parents, but on a separate surface, like a crib or bassinet, never in the same bed and never on a couch, armchair, or another soft surface. According to pediatricians, this process should go on for six months to one year at least.


Sharing a room can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50 percent. Approximately 3,500 infants die every year in the U.S. from sleep-related deaths, including SIDS, accidental suffocation, and strangulation in bed.

How Sharing A Room With Your Baby Affect Things?

It is breastfeeding friendly : If your baby is sleeping right next to you, you do not need to stand and walk all the way to other room. This makes things a lot easier.

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You Can Monitor Your Baby : When you and your baby share a room then monitoring the baby seems really easy. You can check on your baby anytime you want just by looking over. By doing this you can sleep better too.

You Can Provide Comfort To Your Baby : Comforting your baby is very easy when your baby is sleeping  right next to you. After all, simply rolling over and replacing baby’s pacifier is easy; walking across the house to do it (especially if you’re doing it 10 times each night!) is frustrating.

They also recommend offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime, emphasizing supervised, awake tummy time, and giving your infant all his or her recommended vaccinations.

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