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Here’s How Long Sex Should Last for A Lady’s Utmost Enjoyment

Here’s How Long Sex Should Last for A Lady’s Utmost Enjoyment


Are we all well aware of the most appropriate sex durations? Well, most of the times, the answer appears to be NO as no one of us wants to stop that creepy heavenly kinda thing. However, the most asked questioned are How Long Sex Should Last for a Lady’s Maximum Enjoyment. Well, there is not any precise answer to the question as most of the women always desire to have it as long as they can! So, especially for the sake of woman’s enjoyment, it was a prime duty to demonstrate the appropriate sex durations.

Most appropriate sex duration
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As far as the doctor’s statement is concerned, the median length of intercourse was 5.4 minutes and some of them specified 7.5 minutes as the actual length of the intercourse duration. But this is something not enough for the generation. According to the studies conducted in the year 2004, the first intercourse followed 14-15 minutes following to 8 -9 minutes in the second intercourse. Sex therapist  Ian Kerner explained that –

I always encourage couples to engage in as much outercourse as possible before intercourse and the more outercourse you engage in, hopefully, the higher your level of arousal and the closer you get to orgasm.

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how much time should a sexual intimacy last
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Undoubtedly, this sex therapist is surely at the very exact point. Apart from that, some of the sex therapists also specified that a couple should intimate according to their style of penetration. If the couple wants to go wild, lesser will be the time duration of the intercourse and if they want to have passionate sexual intimacy, the longer will be the sex duration. Now it is thoroughly up to them; what kinda intimacy they really want to have!

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