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Here’s How You Can Get Your Child To Finish The Lunchbox




Getting your child to finish the lunchbox can often become achallenging task, especially with today’s kids becoming more demanding thanever before. Youmust make their lunch exciting while also packing the right amountof nutrition for steady development and growth. Here are 5 easy lunchbox ideasthat are perfect for kids:

Burgers with lentilsand mushroom

One of the biggest challenges when packing your child’stiffin is to keep the food interesting yet healthy. Cook delicious burgerpatties with mushrooms and lentils and place them between whole-wheat buns.You’ll seldom meet a child who would pass a chance at eating a burger, makingthis the perfect way to sneak in healthy nutrients in their food. To make thissnack healthy, opt for ModernFoods buns that are filled with goodness ofvitamins.

Quick Noodles

Kids of all ages love noodles! Make a quick portion ofnoodles with limejuice, peanuts, mushrooms and coriander. Not only is thisyummy to eat but you can also customize the meal with fresh veggies and tangysauces to match the kid’s taste.

Club Sandwich

Sandwiches may be ranked as the most popular lunchbox itembut not without a good reason! Be it breakfast, lunch or a quick snack in themiddle of the day, you can make a delicious club sandwich with fresh veggiesand green herbs such as zucchini and lettuce for your child. Make the meal moreexciting with cheese, chicken and dressings to wow your kid’s taste buds.

Bread Poha

Bread poha is a super easy and quick lunchbox fix that neverfails. To prepare it, cook chunks of bread with peanuts, seasoning and freshgreens on a pan greased with oil. This makes for a delicious wholesome meal especiallywhen paired with tea rusk. It can be cooked fromscratch within a matter of minutes, making it every parent’s best friend.

Hung Curd Sandwiches

If your child seems to be getting bored of the usual tomato,cucumber sandwiches, excite things up with a hung curd variant. Mix finelychopped veggies such as onion, capsicum, carrot and tomato with hung curd.Season the mix with salt, oregano, chili flakes, black pepper and rock salt.Apply a generous layer of the mixture on a slice of bread and grease it witholive oil before you grill it in the oven. And just like that, your kid’slunchbox is ready!

Remember, most kids eat with their eyes. This makes itextremely important for you to present the food in a way that excites them.Create new shapes with bread and rusk, use colourful ingredients such as jams and sprinkles anddon’t forget to keep trying new recipes. Using healthy ingredients is vital butthe secret is to trick your kids into eating what you’d like them to. You mustkeep in mind your child’s individual taste and preferences and find new,exciting ways to present the same food so you always get to see an empty tiffinwhen they get home!