Rajnikanth with Bear Grylls

Discovery Channel’s popular show Man vs Wild will also feature superstar Rajinikanth from South India films. Bear Grylls has reached Bandipur forest in Karnataka for shooting. Earlier, he also shot with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

They broadcasted this special show by Bear Grylls in 165 countries. The shooting of this episode of Discovery’s show Man vs Wild was challenging. It was not possible to raise vegetarian food in the forest. Therefore, the Prime Minister spent the entire time in the forest drinking lemon tea. Now, this special show with Rajinikanth is expected to be special.

Two PMO officials present during the shooting in Corbett. They said that the producers had already been told that the Prime Minister was a vegetarian, so they would have to think a bit differently. Then it was decided that the Prime Minister would take hot water and lemon tea with him.

Modi with bear grylls

Officials said that the rain in the forest was also causing difficulty, but PM Modi looked comfortable. He had also shared his experiences spent in the jungle. ‘Man vs wild with beer grills and prime minister Modi’ shot in the forests of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

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