Herschelle Gibbs is one of the most popular cricketers in the world. The former South African cricketer played all formats of the game for 14 years and made history during that tenure. Whereas, Alia Bhatt is the highest-paid actress of Bollywood and is known by the masses worldwide. Well apparently, Herschelle Gibbs had no idea who Alia was up until yesterday.

The recent hilarious conversation between the two stars of the different field on Twitter has the internet making memes. It all began when former cricketer Herschelle Gibbs shared a simple tweet and it was liked by Twitter itself. He expressed his joy by posting a Gif which included Alia Bhatt.

He shared Alia Bhatt’s Gif by captioning it “That feeling when Twitter likes your tweet.”

His tweet started grabbing attention especially among Indian social media users who asked if he knows who the person in the gif is. To which Herschelle replied,

On his reply, Indian users thought to give aware him about Alia Bhatt, they replied,

After Herschelle Gibbs and his followers figured it out, he again took to Twitter to write,

After that Alia responded to all of Gibbs tweets with another gif in which she is giving a 4 run sign like an umpire. She tweeted,

Herschelle Gibbs also didn’t stop there and went on to reply to Alia that he deals in 6s.

This funny banter between the two stars made netizens giving hilarious responses, checkout below: