High Life Hidden Messages Behind WWE Superstars' Tattoos

Hidden Messages Behind WWE Superstars’ Tattoos

Admit it, we all have our favorite WWE superstar. We literally, want to copy their signature style or want to build a physique like them or to get a similar tattoo. But, do you know? Their special tattoos carry hidden messages. Yes, according to the What Culture, here is the list of those WWE superstars.

Seth Rollins

seth rollins tattoo

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One of the most distinctive tattoos in WWE current main event scene is the lettering down Seth Rollins€ spine. It represents the Japanese samurai warrior code and stands for respect, integrity, honor, passion, courage, compassion, loyalty and honesty.

CM Punk

Source: WhatCulture.com

The Pepsi tattoo on his left shoulder is all about his straight edge lifestyle.  Punk liked Pepsi, and says the meaning behind it is “I like Pepsi.”

Kevin Ovens

kevin owens tattoo

It is quite clear that Kevin Owens is a Taurus and the Bull Tattoo is meant to represent that. Moreover, he has also a huge Rock fan. Rock has, in fact, tweeted support to Owens and acknowledged the fact he’s passed on advice when meeting backstage.

The Rock

the rock tattoo
Source: Tattoodo

The most popular tattoo in the history of WWE is  Rock’s arm and chest tattoo. It represents his Samoan heritage and is full of symbols that tell his ancestral history.


batista tattoo
Source: WhatCulture.com

Warrior spirit, this is what huge Chinese dragon on his back symbolizes. He also has red kanji lettering on his upper right biceps, which is a tribute to his former wife Angie. To show a reference to the city of his birth, he also has “DC soldier” tattooed on his arm.

The Undertaker

the undertaker
Source: Afterfeed

His B.S.K Pride tattoo on his stomach was tattooed tribute, B.S.K stands for Bone Street Krew / Back Stage Krew. It was the group he put together in the early nineties, comprising himself, Yokozuna, The Godfather, Rikishi and others.

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